UEFA opens disciplinary actions against Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho and others. The list of the players who will be punished is long and includes the following:
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Jose Mourinho;
* Josep Guardiola;
* Maurizio Sarri;

The Portuguese has been the main culprit of the scandal, which is not surprising, as the player has been involved in several serious incidents during the season. The scandal has already affected the lives of many football fans, as it has been proven that the Portuguese has already left the club.
The scandal has been caused by the fact that the club management has not paid attention to the player’s behavior. In addition, the club’ management has been aware of the problems for a long time, but it has not taken any measures to solve them.

The list of players who have been punished for the scandal is long, and the list of those who have already left includes:
· Ronaldo;
· Jose Mourinho.
However, the list is not complete, because other players have also been punished. For example, the following players have already been kicked out of the team:
1. Gareth Bale;
2. Luka Modric;
3. Sergio Ramos;
4. Dani Carvajal;
5. Eden Hazard.
These players are not the only ones who have left the team, because the list includes:
* De Bruyne;
· Cristiano.
It is obvious that the scandal has affected the club’s results, as there have been no victories in the last few matches.
What to Expect from the Future Season?
The season is coming to an end, and it is very important for the team to finish in the top 4. The team is not in the best shape, and this is demonstrated by the results of the matches. The main goal of the club is to win the Champions League, and if this is not possible, then the club will have to play in the Europa League.
In the last season, the team managed to win only one match, which was not a good result. The club has a long way to go, but the team is very confident and has a good chance of getting to the Champions league.
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Who Will Be the Next Champion of England?
In recent years, Manchester United has won the Champions’ League a few times, but this season it will be very difficult for the club to win it again. The reasons for this include:
• Failure of the squad to win a match in the Champions’ League;
• Lack of motivation of the leaders;
and Unsuccessful transfer campaign.
This season, Manchester City is also in a difficult position, because it is not the strongest team in the English Premier League. The reason for this is the fact the club has not managed to strengthen the squad.
If the team wins the Champions Cup, then it will have a chance to win at least one more trophy. The upcoming season promises to be exciting and very interesting for the fans, who will get to see the results on fscores.
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Live Results of Football Matches
The upcoming season of the English championship promises to please the fans with the results. The teams are expected to fight for the title, and as a result, the fans will see a lot of confrontations.
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Main Favorites of the Season
The main favorites of the upcoming season are:
● Manchester United;
● Liverpool;
● Chelsea;
● Tottenham.
All these teams are very strong, and they are ready to fight against each other. The season promises not to be easy for the teams, because they have a long tournament distance ahead.
Manchester United is the main favorite of the season, because its players have the best squad in the Premier League and are very confident. The Red Devils have already won the Premier league for the last three years, and now they are confident enough to fight in the international arena.
Liverpool is another team that is expected to be one of the main favorites. The Reds have the most successful season in the club history, and their fans are expecting a lot from the team.
Chelsea is another strong team that has been in the elite of English football for a number of years. The Blues have a good squad and are ready for any challenge. Tottenham is also a strong team, and its fans are waiting for a lot.
How to Follow Football Matters
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