The season of the Spanish La Liga is coming to its end, and the teams are already in the fight for the champion title. The main contenders are Real Madrid and Barcelona, who are in the middle of the standings.
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The first round of the season of La Liga was quite successful for the teams, as they managed to get into the playoffs. However, it is obvious that the teams will have to fight for a place in the Champions League zone.
In the last season, the teams met in the final, and it was quite an interesting confrontation. The score was 3:0 for Barcelona, but it was the home team that won. The Catalans were led by Lionel Messi, who scored two goals and provided two assists.
This season, it will be much more difficult for the Catalans to get to the Champions league zone, as the main rival of them is Real Madrid. The Meringues have already shown that they are not going to give up and will fight for every point.

The Meringue’s chances of winning the champion are quite high, as many of the players of the team have already become the best in the world. It is worth noting that the team has a good bench, which allows it to rotate the players.
It is also worth noting the fact that the Meringo’ players are quite motivated and are ready to fight until the last second.
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Real Madrid’ vs Girona – the main contenders for the title
The second round of La liga was quite interesting, as Real Madrid faced Barcelona. The game was quite tense, and both teams managed to score several goals. However the outcome of the game was not in favor of the Mers.
Barcelona was led by Messi, and he scored two and provided one assist. The Spanish forward also scored the third goal of the match. The second goal was scored by the midfielder Dani Alves, who was substituted by the Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.
After the game, the Merners were quite upset with the performance of their team. Messi even said that he wanted to leave the team.
“I want to leave Real Madrid,” he said. “We have a good team, but I don’t want to play with the best.”
The Catalans have a number of players who are already the best at the international arena, and they are ready for the fight.
However, the main problem of the Catalons is the lack of motivation. The team is not in the best shape, and many of its players are tired of playing for Real Madrid in the national championship.
Many of the leaders of the club are already thinking about leaving the team, and this is one of the reasons why the Mertans have not yet managed to win the champion.
At the moment, the Catalonians are in a fight for their lives, as several clubs have already expressed interest in signing the players from the Mercies.
One of the main rivals of the Catalan team is Gironés. The club has a number players who have already won the Champions title.
Moreover, the team is in a good shape, as it has a young and dynamic squad.
If the Catalonian team manages to win La ligue, it can become a real contender for the victory in the international championship. However this is not the only task for the team in the future, as Girones will have a lot of other tasks.
Main rival of Gironès is Real Sociedad, who has a lot more potential. The Royal club is in the midst of a crisis, as a number leaders have left the team and are trying to find a new club.
There is a high probability that the situation in the team will not improve in the near future, and we will see if the team can fight for gold medals in the next season.
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Madrid vs Barcelona – the struggle for the Champions cup
Barça is the main contender for victory in La ligi, as its main rival is Real. The teams met for the second time in the last year, and there was a tense confrontation.
Despite the fact, that the game ended in a draw, it was a very tense match, as both teams had to make a number changes.
First of all, it should be mentioned that the players had a good rest, and in the second half of the second round, Messi and Suarez scored a goal each.
Messi also scored a hat-trick, which is a record for the club. The hat-tricks are a special event, as Messi has not scored one in the entire history of the Champions.
Another record of the hat-ricks is the fact they are the only ones in the history of football.
Also, the game of the Madrid club ended in the victory, as Zidane’ goal was the only one.
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