The situation in the transfer market has changed significantly in the last few days. The main transfer news is that Hazard has decided to leave Chelsea. The Belgian has already stated that he wants to move on, and it’s now up to the Blues to find a suitable replacement.
In the last season, the Blues were in the Champions League zone for a long time, but the team failed to win any trophies. This is a clear proof that the club needs to change its style of playing.
The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of winning trophies, and they want to win gold medals. This can be seen in the fact that the players are not in the best shape during the matches, and this is also reflected in the results of the club.
However, the situation can be improved, and the Blues are not far from the top 4. Hazard is one of the main candidates for the position of the leader of the line. The player has already managed to score a lot of goals, and he has a good chance of getting into the top-4.
It is now up the Blues’ task to find the right replacement for Hazard. The club has a number of players who can fill the role of the Belgian, and there is a good selection of them in the squad.

The team needs to strengthen its defense, and that’ll be the main task of the new coach. The Blues have a good choice of players for the task, and many of them are already used to the coach’ position.
Will the Blues be able to win the title this season?
The last season of the Champions’ League was a real disappointment for Chelsea. It was obvious that the team had lost its motivation, and so far, it hasn’t managed to get out of the group stage.
This is another proof that Chelsea needs to find new ways to win trophies. The team is not in a good shape, and if it continues to lose points, it will be very difficult to get into the Champions’ League zone.
Of course, the main goal of the Blues is to get to the next stage of the tournament, and now they have a number one goalkeeper in Eden Hazard. He is a great goalkeeper, and his performance in the Premier League has already pleased the players.
Hazard has already scored a lot in the English championship, and Chelsea is now one of his main competitors. The coach has already started to use Hazard in the defensive line, and in the next season, he will have a chance to show his skills in the attack.
What are the main chances of the Chelsea to win a place in the top four?
This season, Chelsea has a great opportunity to get closer to the Champions league zone. The current team is in a great shape, but it still has a long way to go. The next season will be decisive for the club, because it will have to fight for the place in Europe.
At the moment, the team has a lot to do, and several players have already managed this. Eden Hazard is a very good goalkeeper, but his main task is to score goals. The other players of the lineup have already shown their skills, and their performance in matches has pleased the fans.
Chelsea is not a team that can be easily replaced by other clubs, and its main task now is to finish in the first position of English football table.
How can the team get into top 4?
There are several reasons that can help the Blues get closer into the zone of the top three.
1. Good selection of players in the lineup.
2. Good teamwork.
3. Good results.
All this can be used to get a place into the elite. The first reason is obvious, and even if the team doesn’’ t get into a top-3, it can still get into one of them.
There is a long list of players that can get into Chelsea’ top-four, and some of them have already been mentioned. The following players can be considered as potential candidates for getting into a higher position:
* Cesar Azpilicueta;
* Tammy Abraham;
* Tammy Abraham.
Each of these players has a chance of making it into the first line of the starting lineup. The second reason is the fact the team can get closer in the fight for places in the elite, because the other teams have already strengthened their lineups.
You can always follow the results on the website of sports statistics. Here you will find the latest information about the teams from all over the world.
Who will be the new leader of Chelsea?
In addition to Hazard, the club also needs to look at the lineup of the players who are already in good shape. The list of potential candidates includes:
1) Eden Hazard;
2) Tammy Abraham, who has already shown good results in the matches;
3) Tammy.
4) Tammy’.
5) Tammy, who is already in the team.
6) Tammy and Tammy.
It’ s important to note that the player who is not yet in the starting line up can be added to the list of candidates.

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