Real Madrid vs Barcelona live score
The first round of the Champions League saw Real Madrid beat Barcelona 3:1. The match ended with a score of 3:2. The last time that the teams met in the Champions league was in the round of 32, when the teams played against each other. The score was 1:1, which is the minimum for a win.
The match was held in the Spanish capital, and it was broadcast live on the Internet. The live score of the game showed that the score was 3:0 in favor of Madrid. The first half of the match was dominated by Barcelona, and Real Madrid was not able to get into the scoring zone.

However, the second half of this match was more balanced. The team managed to score a goal in the last minute of the half, which gave the fans a chance to cheer for the team. The final score was 2:1 in favor Real Madrid.
Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid live score on the web
The second match of the round was held between Atletico and Real. The game ended with the score of 1:0. The second half was more or less the same as the first one, with the exception of the last goal of the second of the first half.
In the first part of the third round, the teams were playing against each another, and the score in favor for Real Madrid is 1:2, which was a minimum for the victory. The fans can watch the live score today on the website of sports statistics.
All livescore today of the matches of the Spanish championship
The season of the La Liga has just begun, and already in the first rounds, there were some interesting matches. The most interesting was the one between Sevilla and Valencia. The teams met for the first time in the championship, and this was a great opportunity to see how the players will play together.
After the first round, Sevilla was in a real crisis, and Valencia was not in a good shape either. The players did not show their best game, and they lost the match 1:4. The coach of Sevilla, Diego Simeone, was fired, and he was replaced by Julen Lopetegui.
This is not the first match of Simeones’ team, as they played against Mallorca. The Spanish team managed a scoreless draw, which ended with them winning the championship for the third time in a row.
Live score today of Sevillan-Valencia
The team of Simesone managed to win the first game of the season, but the second one was much more difficult. The new coach tried to fix the problems of his players, and Sevilla managed to achieve a score 1:3. However, the team was not at its best, and there were a lot of mistakes by the players.
However the team managed not to lose the championship. The following matches of Sevillas were held:
1. Match against Granada. The result of the team is 1-0.
2. Match with Mallorcan. The outcome of the meeting was a draw.
3. Match between Sevillas and Valencia, where the team won with a goal of 1-1.
4. Match of the 3rd round, where Sevilla lost 1:5.
5. Match in the 4th round, which Sevilla won with the goal of 3-1, but it was not enough for the triumph.
6. Match the next day, where Simeon’s team lost 1-3.
7. Match on the 21st, where Valencia won with 1-2.
8. Match two days later, where Real Madrid won with 2-0, but Sevilla still won the championship with the victory of 1 point.
9. Match three days later. The Sevilla team lost with 1:6.
10. Match four days later and the final match of this round, when Sevilla defeated Granada with the final score of 2:0, which made the team win the championship once again.
You can watch live scores today of all the matches on the sports statistics website.
Tottenham vs Leicester live score prediction
The new season of English Premier League has begun, which means that the first matches of this tournament will be held. This year, Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City are the favorites of the tournament.
Leicester has a good chance of winning the title, but Tottenham is not going to give up its place in the top-4. This is the reason why the teams are playing in the new season.
Both teams are in a crisis, as the team of Pochettino is not in the best shape. The previous season, the players of the club managed to finish in the second position of the standings, but this time the team has a lot to show.
They have not won the Premier League for a long time, but they managed to get a place in it. The main goal of Tottenham is to win gold medals, and Leicester is ready to do its best to achieve this goal.
If the teams finish in first and second positions, the clubs will be able to play in the Europa League.

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