Lopeta and the team are in good shape and ready to fight for the Champions League zone. The Catalan club has already managed to win the Europa League, which is a good result for the team.
However, the main goal of the team is the Champions league, and the coach has set the following goals for the upcoming season:
1. To win the main European club tournament;
2. To qualify for the Europa league zone;
3. To get into the Champions club.
The team has already achieved the first two goals, but it still has a lot of work to do. The team will have to do its best in order to achieve the third goal.
Livescore today of Barcelona
The season of the Spanish championship has come to its end, and it’s time to look at the results of the club. Barcelona has a busy summer ahead, so it�
will have to face some problems, but the team has everything necessary to win gold medals.
In the last season, the team won the Champions trophy, but this time the club will have a new coach. Ernesto Valverde has managed to get the team into the top 4, which was not possible in the previous season.

The new coach has a good selection of players, which allows him to give the team the best possible shape. The players of the Barcelona team are able to play in the Champions cup, and they are ready to do their best.
Live scores of the Champions cups
The Champions cups are the main tournament of the Old Continent, and this year the club has a great opportunity to win it. The club has the following advantages:
* good selection;
* high level of competition;

* wide choice of players.
Of course, the club still has problems with the selection of the best players, but Ernesto has already shown that he is able to solve this problem.
It’ll be very interesting to watch the live scores of this tournament, because the club is the main contender for the gold medals in the next season. The main goal for the club in the future season is to qualify for next year’sscores, because it‘s very difficult to do this without the participation of the main club. The Catalans have a good chance of winning the next year, because they have a lot to do in order not to lose points.
Main goals of the Catalans for the season
The club has several goals for this season, and among them the following ones:
· To get to the Champions Cup zone.
· To get a place in the Europa zone.
· It is possible to get into a club club.

The team has a very good selection, and Ernesto knows well how to use this. The coach has already demonstrated that he can achieve the desired result.
This season, Barcelona has the best lineup of the season, which will allow the club to play a more balanced game. The lineup of Ernesto is very good, and he has a wide selection of football players. The new coach is able
to make quick changes in the lineup, which can help the team achieve the main goals.
Barcelona’ goals for next season
In summer, the Catalons have a busy season ahead, and many things can change. The following events can affect the team’ results:
● New coach;
● Unsuccessful transfers;
· Unsuccessful matches.
All these events can change the results, and you can be sure that the club won’t be able to achieve its goals. Ernestos lineup is very strong, and there is a high probability that the team will be able to win in the long run.
You can always follow the results on the website of sports statistics, where you can find the information about the results and the latest news.
Who will win the Champions?
The Catalans are the best team in the Old World, and now they have the chance to win a lot. The previous season, they were one of the leaders of the tournament, but now they are not the strongest team. The fact that the coach is new also affects the results.
At the moment, the coach of the Catalan club is Ernesto, who has a successful career in the Spanish national team. He managed to qualify the team for the European Championship, but he failed in the group stage.
He is a new face for the Catalonians, and we can expect a lot from him. The first matches of the new season will show whether the coach will be successful or not.
Will the Catalonian team win the title of the strongest club in Spain?
This year, the Catalan team will play against the Real Madrid, which has a high level in the domestic arena. The Spanish championship is very important for the Real, because this year they will play with Barcelona.
Both teams have the same lineup, and their main goal is to win at the highest level. The teams are very strong and have a high number of players on the field.
Real Madrid is one of Spain’ main clubs, and Barcelona is one the main contenders for the title. The two teams are ready for the fight, and everyone can see that the season will be very difficult for the Catalan.

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