The Spanish press has already started to talk about the future of Jose Mourinho’s team, and the fact that the Portuguese is now in the process of leaving the club.
The main topic of discussion is the future transfer of Eden Hazard, who is already considered to be one of the main stars of the Old Trafford.
However, the club is not going to sell the Belgian, who will remain its main player.
“The club is negotiating with Eden Hazard. The player has already agreed to stay,” a source from the club told the website of sports statistics.
In the meantime, the player is also in the list of the candidates for the new coach of the team, who can be the Portuguese.
It is worth noting that the Spanish press also has a special interest in the transfer of Rashford, who has recently left the club, and is now considered to become the main star of the United lineup.

You can always follow the latest news from the world of English football on the sports statistics website.
Latest news on the livescore section
The club has already signed the goalkeeper from the United, and it is now the goalkeeper who is considered to have the best chance to become a new star of Mourinho”s team.
According to the information from the sports statistic website, the goalkeeper will be the first to leave the club when the Portuguese leaves.
This is not the first time that the club has signed a goalkeeper.
Last summer, the team signed the Spanish goalkeeper, and now the club will have two of the best in the world at the same time.
You will also find the latest information on the Spanish football on this site, which will help you to keep abreast of the latest events.
New signing of the Manchester United
The goalkeeper will join the club in the summer, and will become the first of the new signings of the club to leave.
He will cost the club approximately 100 million euros.
At the moment, the Spanish website of the sports information has already published a list of potential new players for the club:
* Lukaku;
* Rashford;
* De Gea.
Of course, the first two are already known to the fans, but the third one is a new signing.
Now, the fans can follow the transfer news from all over the world on the website. Here, you can find only reliable information, which is updated in real time. This is a great opportunity to learn the latest results of the matches of your favorite team. The information on this website is available in the Spanish language.
Manchester United’ transfer news
The team has already made a number of transfers, and they are now considered as a priority.
Among them, the most interesting are:
1. Lukaku.
2. De Gean.
3. Rashford.
4. Keita.
5. Sissoko.
6. Sanchez.
7. Herrera.
8. Martial.
9. Lindelof.
10. Valencia.
11. Ndombele.
12. Sessegnon.
13. Bellerin.
14. Eriksen.
15. Smalling.
16. Lingard.
17. Sane.
18. Pogba.
19. Mata.
20. Lingarau.
21. Lingo.
22. Rashford’.
23. Saha.
24. Van de Beek.
25. Lingual.
26. Sissako.
27. De Bruyne.
28. Sarr.
29. Martial.
The last transfer is a surprise, because the club did not pay the player for the transfer.
All the transfers are now being discussed, and we can expect the signing of a new goalkeeper, as well as the rest.
Will the club make a new transfer in the winter?
The transfer of Lukaku is the most anticipated transfer of the season, because it is a player who is not only a star of his position, but also one of a number.
Also, the Portuguese player is a good finisher, and can also score a goal.
Lukaku is a right-winger, and he is able to play in the center of the field.
Another player who can become a star in the club’ position is De Geam.
For the goalkeeper, the main priority is the goalkeeper of the Portuguese team. This player is the one who will become a main star in Mourinho‘s lineup. It is worth mentioning that the goalkeeper is already in the final selection of the list, and his name is already being mentioned in the discussions.
If you want to keep track of the transfer events, you should visit the website, where you can always find the information in full.
English Premier League table
The English Premier League is a tournament which is held every year. The main thing which attracts the fans of the tournament is the fight for the champion title, and there are a lot of contenders for the title.
There is a lot to discuss, because not only the teams, but even the players are not always in the best shape.

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