The season 2018/19 is in full swing. The main event of the campaign was the victory of Manchester City in the English Premier League. The Citizens have already won the title twice, so this is a real achievement.
The new season promises to be even more interesting, and the main intrigue is the fight for the title of the strongest club in the world. In the current season, the main contenders for the victory are:
* Liverpool;
* Tottenham;
• Chelsea;
All of them have a good squad and are able to play in any of the top four divisions.
However, the most interesting confrontation is the struggle for the champion title in the EPL. The first round of the championship was quite tense, and it was clear that the fight is not going to be easy for any of them.
In the current campaign, the following teams have a chance to win the title:
1. Liverpool. The Merseysiders have a great squad, which is able to fight for gold medals in any league. The team is led by the legendary Jurgen Klopp, who has won the Champions League three times and the Europa League once.
2. Tottenham. The Spurs have a strong lineup, which can be used in any match. The Tottenham squad is led not only by Kane, who is considered one of the best strikers in the league, but also by Harry Kane, Kane’s son. The young player is already showing himself in the Champions league, and he is ready to win gold medals.
3. Manchester City. The club has a good lineup, and is able not only to win, but to do it in style. The squad of Guardiola is very strong, and his players are able not to be tired in matches.
4. Chelsea. The Blues have a very good lineup. This is the main reason why they have a decent chance of winning the title.
This season, many teams will be fighting for the place in the top 4. However, the fight will not be easy, because the main favorites of the season are: Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Tottenham.

The EPL fixtures are always interesting, because there are a lot of matches ahead. It is easy to follow the results on the sports statistics website.
Who will be the main favorite of the Champions Cup?
The Champions Cup is a tournament that is held every year, and this year it will be held in the summer. The tournament is for the best clubs in Europe, and in the past it was won by Manchester City, but this year the main contender for the trophy is Liverpool.
Many experts have already predicted that the Reds will win the Champions cup, but the main question is who will be their main favorite. The answer to this question is simple: Liverpool. This club is considered to be one of best in the history of the tournament, and its fans always expect the best from their team.
It is worth noting that the team has a great lineup, so it is easy for the players to find an opportunity to score goals. The Champions Cup fixtures are very important, because they can decide the fate of the champion trophy.
You can follow the latest results of the Epl fixtures on the statistics website, where you will find the results of all the matches of the competition.
What is the future of the Premier league leaders?
It has already become clear that there will be a lot to discuss in the upcoming season. The leaders of the English football league system are the following:
• Manchester City;
· Liverpool; and
· Tottenham.
It seems that the Citizens and the Reds are the main competitors for the first place in England. However it is the Spurs that is considered the main favourite of the new season.
Despite the fact that the Spurs have been in the leading position for several years now, the team is gradually losing ground to Liverpool. In recent years, the Reds have been able to achieve a lot, but they are still far from the first position.
Manchester City is also considered to have a serious competition for the top-4. However the Citizens are not as strong as the Spurs, and they have not been able for several seasons to achieve the desired result.
All the EFL Cup fixtures can be followed on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will always find the latest information from the world of the football league.
Will the Eredivisie be renewed?
This question is also very important for the leaders of Dutch football. The Eredevisie is the second division of the Dutch football league, which has a lot in common with the English premier league. This season, it will see a lot changes in the standings, because many teams are fighting for a place in a higher division.
Among the main candidates for a higher place are Ajax, PSV, and Feyenoord. However this season, Ajax is considered as the most likely candidate. The players of the Amsterdam team are very motivated, and are ready to do their best in any game.
Ajax is a team that has a very strong lineup.

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