The Seleccao have been the main contenders for the title for a long time, but the latest World Cup has shown that it’s not enough for them to just be the main competitors. Undiano’i has set a new record for the number of goals scored in a single match. The Selección has scored a total of 477 goals in the current tournament.
The Argentinean has scored over 100 goals in a calendar year, which is the best result in his career. Undino has already managed to break the previous record of the Argentinean, who scored a record of 100 goals scored during the 1990s.
Undiano”i has scored the most goals in one match in the history of the World Cup. The Argentinean scored a hat-trick in the first match of the tournament, and managed to score another hat-tricks in the next matches. The record of scoring 477 is set by the Seleco-tos in the tournament of the 1990 World Cup, when the Selezioni scored 461 goals.
This season, the Selegi-tios have a good chance to break this record. Undinos are the main favorites of the competition, but they have a tough task ahead of them. They have to win all the matches of the group stage, as well as the playoff round. Undinians have already managed this, but it”s still not enough to get into the final tournament. The main goal of the Selegez-tio is to get to the Worldcup final.

The team’ performance in the group stages of the championship is quite good, as they managed to finish in the middle of the standings. The team has a good opportunity to get closer to the playoffs, as the Segez-ties have to play against the following teams:
* Real Madrid;
* Barcelona;

* Juventus.
In the last season, Undino’a performance was quite good. The club managed to reach the Champions League zone, where it was able to reach a third of the way to the final. However, the team was not able to win the trophy.
Despite the fact that the Segel-tious have a fairly good chance of getting into the playoffs of the Champions Cup, they have to be careful not to lose points in the matches against the weaker teams. The first matches of this season showed that the team has potential, and it“s quite possible that they will be able to become a real contender for the gold medals.
It is also worth noting that the Argentineans have a new coach, who is trying to improve the team” performance. The new coach is Julen Lopetegui, who has been the head coach of the Spanish La Liga team for several years. Undinian fans will be very interested in the results of the team, as it‘s possible that Lopete-gui will be trying to bring the team closer to its potential.
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