The battle of the (under)dogs! (Soccer)

The start of the season of the Spanish championship is already in full swing. The first matches have already shown that the main favorites are Real Madrid and Barcelona.
At the same time, the teams are also fighting for the places in the Champions League zone. The Catalans are not going to give up their ambitions for the next season, and they are ready to fight for the last places in Group G.
The main contenders for the victory in the fight for places in Europe are:
• Barcelona;
• Madrid;
· Sevilla.
It is worth noting that the Catalans have a good chance of getting into the playoffs, since the team is already playing well. The problem is that the team has not been able to play at the same level for a long time.
This season, the Catalonians will have to play against the following teams:
1. Valencia;
2. Sevillano;
3. Granada.
In the fight to get into the Champions league zone, the team of Josep Guardiola will be the main competitor of Real Madrid. The main advantage of the Catalonian team is the fact that the players of the team are already used to the international arena.

The first matches of the new season of La Liga are already showing that the fight will be fierce for the place in the top-4. The teams have already started to play, and it is already clear that the last rounds will be decisive.
All La Liga fixtures
The new season has already started, and the fixtures of the main Spanish championship have already been published. The fight for gold medals is already heating up, and we can already say that the first rounds have already demonstrated that the teams will be able to put their skills to the test.
As for the fight in the standings, the main contenders are:
• Barcelona;
· Madrid; Real Madrid; and Atlético.
Both Barcelona and Real Madrid are playing very well, and their competitors are not far behind. The new season is already showing the results of the teams, and you can already see that the season is not going according to the fans’ expectations.
However, the fight is not over yet. The next rounds will decide the fate of the champion title. The last rounds of the championship are very important, because the teams have to decide whether to play for the title or not.
La Liga fixtures results
The season has started very well for the Catalons, who have already managed to get to the playoffs. The team is playing well, but the main problem is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of playing for the champion’s title, and so far, the results are not good.
Barcelona has already managed the first place in La Liga, but it is not enough to get the title. However, the Catalan team is very strong in the domestic arena, and this is why it is considered the main favorite of the fight.
Despite the fact, that Real Madrid has not played for a while, the fans are already waiting for the start of a new season. The fans are confident that the new team will be ready to compete against the main rivals of the club, and that the results will be good. The current season of Real has already shown the fans that the club has a bright future, and in the future, they can expect a lot of interesting and exciting matches.
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Soccer results of La liga fixtures
Now, the season has begun, and there is still a lot to be played. The championship of Spain is entering the last third, and now it is very important to see how the teams’ skills will develop.
Real Madrid is in a difficult position, and its competitors are also showing a good level of performance. The Royal club is not the only one, because Barcelona and Atletico are also in a good shape.
Now the fight has started for the first places in La ligue, and all the teams need to do their best to get a place in Europe. The season is very busy, and many interesting confrontations are ahead of us.
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Livescore today of LaLiga fixtures results
In La Liga there are still a number of matches ahead, and fans can already feel the tension in the air. The start of La Liguilla has already demonstrated the level of the game, and if we talk about the first matches, it is clear that we can expect many interesting and tense confrontations.
Among the main competitors of Real are: Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, and Real Sociedad. The latter are in a very good shape, and already managed a place into the top 4.
For the first time in a long while, we can say that there is a real fight for La liguillas. The top teams are ready for it, and everything can change in the next rounds.

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