Sanchez’s transfer has not had any negative consequences yet, as the player has already signed a new contract.
The player has been able to show his class for the team and has already managed to become a main star of the team.
However, the most important thing is that the player is a good football player, who is able to make a good impression on his teammates.

The transfer of the player to the team of Real Madrid has already started, and the team has already made a number of transfers.
Among the most interesting ones are:
* Alejandro Fagundez;
* Pedro;

* Isco.
All of them are able to improve the performance of the Real Madrid and help the team to achieve its goals.
There are also rumors about the transfer of Sergio Ramos, who was transferred to the Spanish La Liga team, Sevilla, for a large amount of money.
This transfer has already begun, and it is expected that the transfer will be completed in the near future.
Main Intrigues of the Transfer of Sergio
The main intrigue of the transfer is the fact that the club of Real is interested in the transfer not only of Ramos, but also of Isco, who has already become a good player for the club.
Also, the transfer has begun, so it is possible that the next season the team will try to win the Champions League.
In this case, the main thing is to make the best of the situation, because the team is in a difficult position.
Moreover, the team lost a number players, who were able to help the club to achieve the desired result.
It is also worth noting that the team’s main rivals of the season are Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.
If the team does not succeed in the Champions league, then it will be very difficult to get into the European Cup zone.
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Latest Results of the Season
The season of the Spanish championship has already ended, and there were a lot of interesting events that took place.
One of the most significant events was the transfer.
Real Madrid has managed to make some transfers, which were not possible in the previous season.
For example, the club bought the player Sergio Isco from Sevilla.
Isco is a midfielder, who can play on both the left and right side of the field.
He is able not only to make an impact on the game of the club, but he also has the ability to score goals. The transfer of Ischo has already began, and he has already been able not to miss a single match of the Madrid team. The player has become a real star of his team. He has already scored a number goals, and this is a proof that he is able even to score himself.
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Fans’ Opinion on Sergio Ischo
The fans of the sports club have already expressed their opinion on the transfer, because they have already seen that the players who were bought by the club have not been able yet to show their potential.
Of course, the player who was bought by Real Madrid is the player of the midfielder position, who will become a star of this club. However, the fans of this team have already begun to complain about the fact, that the main star is not able to perform at the level of his rivals.
At the moment, the players of the main team of the championship are not able yet, but it is worth noting, that they are not the only ones who are not performing at the best level.
So far, the season of La Liga has already shown that the fans have high expectations from the club and its players.
They are able, because of the fact of the success of the previous seasons, to make transfers that will allow the team not to lose points, but not to achieve their goals.
In addition, the last season was very interesting, because there were many interesting events, which took place in the championship.
These events include:
1. The transfer to the club from Valencia of the young player, Sergio Isch.
2. The sale of the players to the clubs from the same league, who did not have a good season. For example, it was the sale of Isch to the Catalan club, Granada.
3. Another transfer, which was not possible before the season. For example the sale to the English club, Chelsea, of the striker, Nicolas Anelka.
4. A transfer of Ramos from Real Madrid. The club of the capital of Spain has managed not to buy him, but they are interested in buying him.
5. Real Madrid’ transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus.
6. Barcelona’ transfers of Messi and Suarez.
7. Atletico’ s transfers of Diego Costa and Antoine Griezmann.
8. Sevilla’ sale of Sergio Ischi.
9. Valencia’ purchases of Ischi and the player, Isco
10. And so on.
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