Griezman is a player who has always been able to make a mark on the game of the team. This is the main reason why the team has managed to reach the Champions League final, as well as the Europa League final.
At the beginning of the season, the team was not in the best shape, so it was necessary to strengthen the team, and this is exactly what the coach did.
“The coach chose the right players for the team”
The coach of the club, Thomas Tuchel, has always managed to find the right partners for the club. This has allowed the team to be in the Champions’ League zone for a long time.
The team’s main rivals were Barcelona and Bayern. The latter was the main rival of the “red and black” for a number of years, but this season the team managed to get out of the group stage.
This is a great result for the ‘Citizens’, who will be able to demonstrate their skills in the Europa Cup.

‘The Red Devils’ have the following players in the starting lineup:
* Karim Benzema;
* Pedro;

* David Alaba;

* Sergio Busquets;

The first line-up is very good, as it is the best in the world. The team has a good balance, as the team is composed of professionals who know how to play together.
In the starting line-ups, the coach has chosen the best performers from the previous season. This will allow the team not to lose points in matches against weaker opponents.
Also, the main goal of the players is to get into the Champions’ League zone, so they have to show their skills against the ” “Barcelona” and “Bayern”.
Greece is a team that can be considered as one of the main rivals of the Citizens, but the team does not have the same level of motivation as the ’Cards’.
However, the „red and blacks” are not the only team that the ‚Citizens’ can take on.
They are also able to face the † “Manchester City”, “Liverpool” or “Tottenham” as well.
There is no doubt that the team will be the main contender for the title of the strongest team in Europe.
Will the team be able not only to demonstrate its skills, but also to win the title?

“The Red Devil” has a bright future, as long as the coach of this club is able to find partners for his team.
It is important that the coach does not lose his focus on the team and not to make mistakes.
If the team manages to win all the tournaments it is very likely that it will be in a position to win gold medals in all the major tournaments.
Main rivalries in the Premier League
The Premier League is one of Europe’ s most exciting and intense competitions. The main rivalries are:
1. † Chelsea.
2. Manchester City.
3. Arsenal.
4. Tottenham.
5. Liverpool.
6. Chelsea.
It has been quite a successful season for the London club, as they managed to win at least one trophy.
Chelsea has a very bright future. The club has a great lineup, which is able not to miss a single match. The coach, Antonio Conte, has managed not to play the same way as last season, which has allowed him to choose the right lineup.
Conte has managed also to strengthen his team, which will allow him to fight against the main competitors of the Premier league.
Arsenal is another strong club that has managed a successful campaign. The Gunners have the best lineup in the league, which allows them to play in the most intense and prestigious tournaments. The players of the Gunners are able to show the maximum of their skills, which results in a high level of results.
Liverpool is another team that is able fight for the champion title. The Reds have a bright lineup, as their main competitors are “Chelsea” in the fight for gold medals.
Tottenham is another club that is considered as the main competitor of the Reds, but it has managed an excellent season. The Spurs have a good lineup, and they are able not miss a match.
These are the main clubs that the Londoners can take into the fight, as there are no other strong clubs in the top division of English football.
Team’ “Arsenal”“Liverpool”“Tunis” †“Chelsea””Manchester City “Real””Barcelona”„Bayern”‡“Bar”*“Manchester United”’“ Liverpool”Tottenham “Arsenal”‘“ Chelsea”R”Real’“ Barcelona”B” Liverpool’ “United”E” Tottenham’
The Champions League is another tournament that is very interesting for the fans.

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