The start of the new season of the Spanish La Liga is already in full swing. The first matches of the season have already shown that the Catalans are not going to give up on their ambitions. The main rivals of Barcelona are Real Madrid and Atletico. The latter has already managed to win the Champions League, which is a real achievement for the team.
Atletico is a great club that has managed to become one of the main contenders for the title. The team has a good lineup, which can be called as a real gem of the current season. The club has a number of stars that can be mentioned here:
1. Diego Simeone. The Argentine coach has managed not only to bring in new players, but also to strengthen the team in the long run.
2. Diego Costa. The Costa has already become a real star, and he is now one of Atletico’s main goals.
3. Diego Alba. The Spanish player is one of those players who can be considered as a true leader of the team, and has managed, together with Simeon, to make the team a real contender for the gold medals.
4. Sergi Guehi. The young player is already showing himself in the first matches, and is expected to become a key player of the Atletico lineup.
5. Marco Asensio. The midfielder is a good player, but he needs time to find his game.
6. Alvaro Morata. The Spaniard is a key figure of the club, and the team is expecting him to show himself in his best form.
All these players have already managed not to disappoint their fans. Now, the team needs to show its full strength, and this is what the fans are waiting for.

The first matches have already been held, and it is clear that the team has everything it needs to win gold medals once again. The Catalans have already proved that they are a real team, which will not stop at the first rounds.
Barcelona vs Real Madrid live score
The season of La Liga has already ended, and now it is time to see who will be the main favorites of the championship. The teams have already met in the Champions Cup, and Real Madrid managed to defeat Barcelona in the last round.
The Catalans managed to take the first place in the standings, but the gap between the teams is quite large. The gap is so big that it is possible to say that Real Madrid is a bit behind the Catalons. The following teams are in the middle of the standings:
* Barcelona;
* Valencia;
* Atletico;
* Sevilla;
The last team is quite unstable, and there is a chance that it will be replaced by Atletico in the next round. The fans can expect a lot of surprises from the Catalonians, and they will have to show their full strength to achieve their goals. The season has already started, and we will see whether the team will be able to achieve the desired result.
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The football season is already starting, and fans of the game are waiting with great anticipation for the start of matches. The football season has ended, but it is still too early to make any conclusions about the final result. The results of the previous season were quite ambiguous, and many fans were not satisfied with the results.
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This season, the Catalonian team has already shown itself in the international arena. The players have managed to qualify for the Champions’ League, and will have a chance to fight for the main trophy of the tournament.
There is a high probability that the club will win it, because it has a great lineup. The leaders of the Catalan team are:
• Lionel Messi;
• • Cristiano Ronaldo;
• Sergio Busquets;
However it is difficult to make a final decision on the final winner of the Champions’ League, because there are a lot more matches ahead.
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Latest results of football matches
The new season has started, so it is now time to watch the results that will be presented on the field, and not only on the scoreboard. The matches of La liga have already started. The new season is very important for the Catalunya team, because this time it is going to fight against Real Madrid.
In the new year, the club has managed a number one position in the league standings. However, it is not enough for the club to win all the trophies, because the Catalanes have to fight with the main teams of the Old Continent.
Among the rivals of the Madrid team are Barcelona and Valencia.

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